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What is CPC?

CPC, conceived on the 23rd of March 2018 aims to provide a competitive FIFA Pro Clubs gaming environment geared towards competitive players who enjoy playing in an organised community driven setting.

Our games are scheduled at 8pm & 8:30m on Tuesday & Thursday.

Currently, we have 16 teams across 2 divisions with a long-lasting hunger to add more teams to our already competitive arsenal.

How can I get involved?

You can get involved in more than one way! If you'd like to play for a team, great! Sign up and post in our Free Agent Trialling Area . Rather manage a team? You can do that too! Fill out our management application , we'll get back to you when we can.

You can get involved without playing or managing too! We have a community forum which we love to spend time on, it's the centre of our website. Feel free to dive into them!

Why CPC?

"Okay great, I know you're a Pro Clubs gaming website, but why should I choose you?" Great question, hypothetical person! There are a lot of websites to choose from, and we're relatively new, but don't let that discourage you- CPC is maintained by experienced staff who want the same thing as you - a competitive gaming website. We are community driven, meaning we let our users decide what happens, how it happens and when it happens.

Sponsored by FDP. Use discount code "CPC1" on application for 5% off.

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